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In 2009, we actually watched two bucks fighting for domination in the area.

To see that video you can click here: or visit our video page.

This also means you can confidently place the phone face down on a table without fear of the screen getting scratched. A skin is just that: an ultra-thin skin that adds minimal bulk to the device, but offers a funky design, splash of colour, or lets the phone’s colour shine through.

They protect the back of the device from scratches.

Tap the “Webcam” icon to launch Yahoo Messenger and place the call.

Yahoo Messenger establishes a video chat session with the selected recipient.

However, it didn't take long until other third party i Phone chat applications implemented video calling and overcome the wifi limitation of Face Time. Face Time is an i Phone application that is pre-installed on the i Phone , forth generation i Pod touch, and future i Pad's.

We are located small town called Milton in the northern part of Fulton County Georgia, North of Atlanta.

Typically, soft shell cases are thinner, and wrap around the perimeter of the phone to cover its back and sides.

Some have a raised front lip that offers additional protection for the screen in the event of an accidental drop.

The cameras and feeder are on approximately 15 acres. To learn more about this area, you can visit wildlife we see are deer, raccoons, rabbits, possums, squirrels, and an occasional coyote. We seen hawks swoop down and grab squirrels, we have watched baby raccoons play and fight like kittens.

We seen families of raccoons and deer grow up over the past few years.

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There are many other third party i Phone applications like Tango and Yahoo messenger that allow you to achieve the same objective but are moving a little faster than Face Time.

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