Siberian ice maiden radiocarbon dating

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Siberian ice maiden radiocarbon dating

The Siberian Ice Maiden, discovered in the Pastures of Heaven, on the high Steppes, is believed to have been a shamaness of the lost Pazyryk culture.

She had been mummified and then frozen by freak climatic conditions around 2400 years ago, along with six decorated horses and a symbolic meal for her last journey.

They influenced cultures as far as Japan, spreading their Caucasoid tattoo culture to the ancestors of Japan's indigenous Ainu.For my final post, I would like to discuss a rather large early Upper Paleolithic site found within Russia, that of the Sungir site.Discovered on the outskirts of the city of Vladimir in the 1950's, it constitutes a rather large size, 1500 sq.This is supported by radiocarbon dating." The most famous undisturbed Pazyryk burial so far recovered is the "Ice Maiden" found by archaeologist Natalia Polosmak in 1993, a rare example of a single woman given a full ceremonial wooden chamber-tomb in the 5th century BCE, accompanied by six horses.She had been buried over 2,400 years ago in a casket fashioned from the hollowed-out trunk of a larch tree.

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While the site is not the oldest site in Russia, it certainly seems to have had something that attracted the attention of so many archaeologists. Within all of the evidence of past occupation, five sets of remains were found to be of the best preservation within the permafrost.

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