Tetraflex accommodating

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This focusing phenomenon is accomplished through the elastic alteration in the shape of the crystalline lens.

By ages 45 to 50, the blush of robust youthful accommodation reduces to a paltry 2 D, and the near point of vision extends to well beyond required reading range.

Using this approach, they try to trick the brain into perceiving clear all-distance vision.

In contrast, the Tetraflex has been developed to emulate the eye’s natural lens by moving forward and backward within the eye.

Dougherty was among the first ophthalmologists in the nation to offer the FDA-approved Crystalens TM accommodating IOL.

“What makes the new Tetraflex lens so exciting is its advanced design, which has been developed to restore zooming power in a way that closely replicates the eye’s natural lens,” said Dr. “Results from earlier international studies are very promising, and show that the Tetraflex may provide superior results to the current crop of accommodating IOLs already approved by the FDA.” Earlier generation IOLs attempt to restore reading vision by diverting incoming light in a multifocal fashion, rather than focusing a single point of light at various distances.

Premium IOLs are revolutionizing cataract surgery by giving patients new options for excellent vision without glasses.

The next generation of IOLs is bringing us closer to the goals of perfect refractive results and excellent accommodative amplitudes for patients.

It may offer valuable information for ophthalmologists in determining the suitable candidates for Acc-IOL implantation.

This helps optimize the focus of normal white light for distance and near vision.

The approval of toric multifocal lenses, such as the Acri.

Lisa (Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany),2 should not be far off, and these IOLs more accurately correct preoperative astigmatism than limbal relaxing incisions.

The next lens most likely to gain FDA approval is the Synchrony dual-optic accommodating IOL (Visiogen Inc., Irvine, CA).

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Understanding the mechanism of human accommodation remains somewhat steeped in mystery and the subject of occasional controversy.