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Port Authority toll collectors not only grab your money at New York-New Jersey crossings, they’re now pulling down stunning six-figure salaries funded by the levies you pay at bridges and tunnels.The annual salaries will only swell since the figures released Friday for all 6,777 PA employees do not include December paychecks.The stats: Name: Axilya Alerothi Race: Elf Weapon: Staff Stats: Combat: 46% Guile: 24% Perception: 83% Magic: 99% Gold: 16Mana: 150Status: Full Health Warnings: None I don't know, Combat is better than Magic in battle, because it doesn't need mana, Combat allows you to intimidate people so they will reveal their secret even if you don't have enough Reputation with them, it allows you to use brute force to open doors (useful when the is attacking).Introduced on Tuesday, the new update expands upon the gender options that uses can select in their profiles.Social Clout: 3,940 Twitter followers; 595 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @thedatecoach Bragging Rights: database has more than 25,000 people Having a busy lifestyle is something Daniels understands wholeheartedly. With overtime paid at time-and-a-half, Stevens averaged about 20 hours of OT per week, or about 130 extra eight-hour shifts per year, an analysis of PA data shows. 2 highest-paid toll taker, making ,621 — more than a third of it from overtime pay of ,470. basketball player Doug Christie is handed a trophy as North Korean players applaud at the end of the exhibition basketball game. players, from left to right, are Christie, Andre "Silk" Poole, Guy Dupree, Charles D.

” The dating industry has come a long way since the time “Fiddler on the Roof” was set, but that doesn’t mean we all can’t benefit from a skilled matchmaker, especially the folks savvy enough to make our list of the 12 best matchmakers in New York City!

Seriously,some rich bloke who practically owns the entirety of the town you're staying in gives you a job. I saw @idonotlikeusernames rave in the romance thread so I decided to give the demo a spin.

It doesn't seem to be complicated to do a sequel, there isn't a lot of variables and there really isn't any complicated branching.

I had difficulty finding it via a search in Google's Play Store for some odd reason (although now I'm seeing it just fine) so I picked it up from Amazon's App Store instead. I don't find any of them enough interesting to remember...

I'll comment further once I've had the opportunity to play it through until the end, but placing a mystery in a fantasy setting is delightfully different. So could I just kill them all and keep with my live or I have to carry them like puppies?

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Two minds are definitely better than one in this case.